Vaishnavi Panchal is a Working lady by profession and an Artist by heart. Being an Artist is what she always strived for right from childhood. She did get a lot of appreciation in school days for her paintings and Art work. But due to busy schedule not manage to do painting but when she felt that creating paintings not only gives her happiness but also gives inner sense of achievement and purpose in life.

Artist’s VOICE

”What’s art?”
I don’t know how to define it, is it just shapes and colors?”

“Sounds, emotions, feelings – all strung together in a meaningful composition. Something that seems like just a bunch of shapes filled with colors but carries within itself elements which go beyond any restrictive definitions. That’s art.”

Art, as we have come to understand it, is something which fails words – those very words which we take pride in as a medium of expression are put to a halt when it comes to describing art.

That’s what we have always wanted, to bring you art that goes beyond words, art that knows no bounds.

Now that you are here, let us present to you a world filled with fascinating art. This wall, that corner, we have everything to cover up that bare spot.

Hold on tight, and gear up for a minimalist invasion. Let your house have a voice of its own. Let’s lighten it up together, easily, with VAISHNAVI’S ART .

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Apparently we had reached a great height in the atmosphere, for the sky was a dead black and there a stars.

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